Add a program in startup with its internal settings. To do this go to menu "tools" or "Settings". Usually the startup is in the tab (tab) General.
Next, locate the "Run at boot" or "Startup with Windows", check the box next to this item. In the English versions of programs, this option may be called " Start with Windows or Autostart.
Configure startup programs in Windows operating system another method, if in the settings there is this item. To add the application to autostart, navigate to the folder where it is located. Then right-click the mouse on the executable file, select "Create shortcut". In the folder you will see a shortcut of the program.
To install the program and open the context menu on the shortcut, select copy. Then right-click the mouse on the "start" button, click "Explorer", then navigate in the left part of the program to the folder "Programs" – "startup".
On the right side of the Explorer window, right-click on mouse and select "Paste". The program shortcut is added to startup.
Download and install the Starter to control startup programs. To do this, go to the official website of the program Download, wait for download the program, install it on the computer. In the application window displays the startup items of your system.
To add a new component startup, click the plus-sign "New". Opens a dialog, in it type the name of the element, then specify the file path in the Value field.
Select the menu "View" of how to run this application: window, minimized on the task bar or in the expanded version. Click OK to add the selected program in startup.