You will need
  • So we're going to do a screen consisting of 3 wooden frames, covered with fabric. For production we need:
  • * Wooden laths with cross-section 25*25 mm;
  • * 6 hinged loops and 12 corners;
  • * Beadings cloves;
  • * Screws;
  • * Decorative fabric;
  • * Saw;
  • * Acrylic paint or spray paint;
  • * Cushion;
  • * Acrylic clear Matt varnish;
  • * Sander or sandpaper
First, let's talk about the materials for the screen. If bars are not perfectly straight, try to straighten. They need to be wet and hard to twist together. Wait for complete drying. If the stick is not smooth enough, repeat the procedure for all of their faces. In the end, we should get 6 strips with a length of 45 cm and 6 strips with a length of 100 cm as for fabric, which will be screen on the screen, choose the most suitable for your interior colors.
First to saw the strips of desired length. Then sanded so that the surface became completely flat. Now take the 2 short and 2 long strips. Put them on a flat surface. 2 one short rail insert between the 2 long strips to make the letter "P" and seal, wrapping the corners and screw it with the screws. The second strap attach the other end in a similar way, departing from the edge of 20 cm
Make one frame. Similarly make two more frames. Now need to paint. The color of the paint, and cloth, choose based on color in the room where the screen will stand. Apply paint with a roller. For greater effect, you can give the screen a chic, sprinkle the surface with gold spray paint. Spray paint at a great distance below it lay evenly and not cut off main color. When the paint is completely dry, cover the frame with acrylic paint for added strength.
Now you need to fasten the frame together. First think about how you want to screen evolved. It is best to fold the screen Z-shaped way, and means you need to fasten 2 of the frame on one side and 2 on the other hand. Before attaching the handle loop of spray paint. The frames have hinges attach with the same screws that were used in the connection rails area.
The Foundation is ready, it remains only to stretch the fabric. Cut the fabric at the inner diameter of the frame, adding 1 cm on each side. This needs to be done to stretching the edges will not be dismissed. Now with the help of glazing beads and small studs will prekratite fabric to the frames, pulling evenly to avoid imbalances.
Our cover ready. If desired, the screen the screen can be decorated with various decorative elements. Also the fabric can be fastened not with glazing beads, and sew the bottom and top strips. A lot of options, it just depends on flight of your imagination.