To increase the size of text and objects on the screen using the start menu, go to "control Panel" and in the category "appearance and themes" select "Screen" by clicking on its icon with the left mouse button. Opens the dialog box "display Properties". Go to the "Settings" tab and click "Advanced" button - this will cause a new window "Properties: plug and play monitor [your graphics card]". On the General tab, select the "Screen" section and install it using the drop-down list is the value of dpi (dots per inch - number of dots per inch) to reduce the resolution of the monitor. All the elements of a "Desktop" with the increase.
If dropdown menu is not the desired values, select "custom settings" to open the third dialog box "selecting a scale". Set the scale font and objects on the screen as a percentage from the drop-down list or using the mouse move on the "line" until you find the best option for themselves. Click OK to accept the new value. If necessary, restart the computer.
If the method described in first steps, too complicated for you, use an easier way to increase the font. Call up the Properties window as described above or click on any blank area of the desktop with the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, select "Properties". Go to the tab "appearance". Under "font Size" and select it with the drop-down list, make your reading of the text (Large Fonts and Extra Large Fonts). Click "Apply".
In that case, if you are not satisfied with the options offered under "font Size", press "Advanced" button will open a new dialog box "advanced appearance". Using the drop-down list under "Item" in turn to select items and set for each desired font size by entering them from the keyboard in the section "Font" - "Size," or use the drop-down list with assigned values. Click OK to accept the new value. In the properties window of the screen, click "Apply" and close the window.