You will need
  • seeds;
  • - boxes;
  • - soil mixture;
  • - mineral fertilizers;
  • - potassium permanganate.
You can grow peppers chili in the garden, in the garden, at home, on the windowsill or greenhouse during the winter. Swipe the pre-sowing treatment of seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate or a solution of a growth stimulant. To do this, place the seeds in a glass and pour one of the solutions for 20 minutes. Pour the solution through a sieve to not vyit with him the seeds.
Visivite seeds in prepared soil in the boxes. The soil is better purchase in the store for gardeners, intended for distillation seedlings. It has a rich composition and light structure that allows you to get a lot of seedlings and good seedlings.
In the middle zone of Russia visivite pepper Chile seedlings in 20 March sowing can be done by the middle of April.
Visivite seeds at a distance of 1 cm, to a depth of 1.5 cm Sprinkle with the ground, gently pour, cover with plastic wrap and put the boxes in a warm place with a temperature of 24 degrees. Make sure that the soil does not dry up. The first shoots will appear on day 12. Move the boxes in a bright place, reduce the temperature to 18-20 degrees, make the glaze sparingly, as the plants can get sick, and the roots to rot.
In phase 2 true leaves raspakirati pepper at a distance of 10 cm as soon As suspiciously pepper will get stronger, make the first fertilizing liquid complex fertilizers.
Drop the peppers into a permanent place after frost Menomonie threats. For an average strip of Russia the approximate time of landing, this is the second decade of June.
Prepare the pepper for Chile a light, fertilized soil. Tie to a trellis, the pepper is not necessary, as it has a very sturdy trunk and rarely grows high. Planted peppers in the distance 15h20 see This square it will be enough for the development and fruiting.
Care pepper Chile is timely weeding, hoeing and fertilizing mineral fertilizers. Harvest for the ripening of pepper.
If you want to continue to grow the peppers, before the onset of sustained freezing nights will transplant the plants in boxes or pots and record it in the apartment.