Advice 1: How to grow jalapenos

The jalapeno pepper is a pungent fruit, or as it is also called Chile, which reaches from 5 to 9cm in length. This plant is native to Mexico, this is where it is grown. Even the name "jalapeño" comes from the town of Jalapa, where it is traditionally grown. This plant can be planted in your garden plot, the main thing is to follow main rules and recommendations.
How to grow jalapenos
Preparation of seed. Initially, prepare seeds for planting (they can be purchased in a specialty store). To do this, prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and soak in it a cotton ball (gauze). It will put seeds and cover them. Keep them in a warm place for 2-3 days, tracking to a cotton ball (gauze) was always slightly damp.
Preparation of seedlings. Visivite seeds in the spring - from March to April. This is the ideal period for good germination. Note: seedlings growing 50-70 days. In advance, prepare small boxes for planting seeds. Soil you can buy already prepared for vegetable crops, it is optimal all necessary components. You can also prepare it yourself. To do this, mix 0.5 parts of sand with peat, 1 part soil, 2 parts humus. A bucket of the mixture add 2 cups of ash. All components mix thoroughly and spread into prepared boxes of seedlings.
Planting seeds. Sow seeds not deep,1-1. 5 cm Immediately after planting, pour a little of them. Pepper is very exacting to heat, so cover the boxes with glass or plastic film. Capacity with seedlings put in a warm spot but not under direct sunlight, otherwise it will die. 2-3 times a week ventilate your seedlings to moisture do not accumulate and did not get on sprouts. As soon as 2-3 leaves on each plant, put them in a container of more proradio and removing weak shoots. Do not forget about watering. It needs to be regular, but moderate.
Planting seedlings in open ground. The best time for planting is from may to June, inclusive. When planting, leave a small aisle - 40-45 cm as soon As the plant reaches a height of 12-15 cm, priderite growth point, leaving a few side shoots. Since the ideal temperature for the growth of pepper jalapeno is 25-30 degrees, it is advisable to arrange a greenhouse.
Feeding. 2-3 times during the season, the peppers should be fertilized fertilizer. For this you can dilute the manure with water at a ratio of 1:10 or purchase a special blend of "Stimulus". For these purposes, perfect ash solution (in a bucket of water 1 Cup of ash).
Harvest. Pepper jalapeno green collect, since the second half of July. It was during this period he fully Matures and is ready to use.

Advice 2: How to grow hair in a week

Long and well-groomed hair are the adornment of women. In an average month they grow at 2-3 cm, but not more. Accordingly, do not expect visible results in a week, even if you apply a different mask. If you need gorgeous locks, it offers a capacity, which is carried out in beauty salons. Well, patient ladies will help to accelerate treatments.
How to grow hair in a week
You will need
  • - shampoo;
  • vitamin supplements;
  • - burdock oil;
  • mustard powder or red pepper.
The hair begins to grow intensively when the body receives the right amount of micronutrients. Buy a vitamin complex that is enriched with calcium, zinc, phosphorus and fluorine. Also take a fish oil Supplement, which can now be found in capsules, it has an unpleasant taste, and the smell is completely absent. If you have health problems, before using supplements consult your doctor.
Buy in the drugstore shampoo which activates the hair growth. Usually it contains in its composition of brewer's yeast and vitamin supplements, on the label there is a corresponding label "Activator of hair growth, or "Accelerates hair growth . Regularly use it to cleanse the head, and to reinforce the action, and apply healing balm.
Burdock oil will not only help to accelerate the regrowth of hair, but also improve them. Slightly pre-heat 60 ml of oil, apply on unwashed hair, wrap your head with foil and a towel and leave for 60 minutes or longer. Rinse the head several times. Make the mask a few times a week. You can use olive oil, but is it necessary to add any vitamins, fat-based.
Do a mustard mask. Take a tablespoon of powder and mix it with shampoo, olive or burdock oil, sour cream or yoghurt (about 50 ml). Apply on the hair roots for 30 minutes. Instead of mustard you can use red pepper (1 tsp per 50 ml of cream).
Massage of the scalp improves blood flow, which speeds up hair growth. Daily brush the curls for 10 minutes with a wooden hairbrush. Also odergivala hair, taking them between his fingers. Gradually you will notice good results.
Useful advice
4-5 times a month visit a beauty salon to trim the ends of the hair. Otherwise the hair will look messy.

Advice 3: How to grow chili peppers at home

Sometimes you want to pamper yourself with homemade peppers in the salad. To grow plants on window sills are very fashionable nowadays. Because they are grown without nitrates and additives. Try to land in front of Chile at home.
How to grow chili peppers at home
You will need
  • -chilli seeds
  • -grunt
  • -pot of flowers
In the flower pot, place a bit of soil. Pour in water so that the earth became viscous. In the middle of the pot make a hole at 4-5 cm and plant one seed. Put your pot of chili in a warm and well-lit place. Don't forget to actively watered. Under favorable conditions, you will notice the first shoots in a week.
Once your plant reaches 8 to 12 inches in height,if necessary, transplant it into a flower pot with a large diameter.
In 3-5 weeks your chilli looks to be to resemble a small flower tree with great foliage.
With good care after 2-3 months may form the first ovary (small white flowers at the ends of each escape).
Over time, the fruits will begin to darken and painted in bright red color. If you planted your peppers in March/April, the first crop can be expected in late June.
-Don't forget chili loves warm places and moderate watering.

Advice 4: How to choose the seeds of annual asters in the store

Buy Aster seeds today is not a problem. This abundance of varieties on offer it was impossible to imagine 10-15 years ago. But we want to see in the profusely blooming flower gardens and the most unique asters. How to make the right choice?
How to choose the seeds of annual asters in the store

Every Amateur gardener, buying seeds gives preference to those varieties which are at the heart. But there are some things you should keep in mind before you become a master of the cherished packet of seeds.

  • Choose a variety of asters in the appearance of inflorescences. They are peony, rozovidnym, needle, ostrich feather, unique, Princess, pompon, laplata, Riviera, lady coral and many new others.
  • To choose the height of future plants. Aster height can be the edge (undersized from 15 to 25 cm), average height and height to 100 cm For this purpose it is necessary to think in advance where in the garden they will grow.
  • The size of the flowering buds is of no small significance. After all, the cultivated asters in order to admire the flowers. Baskets of different types can be from 3 to 16 cm and more (new varieties). As a rule, the larger the size of the flowers, the less they will be on the plant and Vice versa. The most abundant flowering is a dwarf Aster, which have long flowering and a medium-sized inflorescence. But there are dwarf asters, such as "my Lady", with inflorescences as in peony groups.
  • Asters differ in the structure of the Bush plants. They come with a compact, spreading, highly branched, subramose. Choosing asters, think that spreading or silnovetvistoe plant will require greater attention to the planting, care, obligatory garter, so that after rainy weather they are not broken and perished on the earth, having lost its appeal.
  • It will be important to determine the timing of flowering plants. All varieties of asters are divided into 5 groups: very early (bloom an average of 95 days after emergence), early (96-105 days), medium (105-115 days), late (bloom in 125 days) and very late. Earliness of flowering asters should be taken into account. So in the Central black earth regions of Russia in the cultivation of Aster seedlings of early varieties to admire the flowering is possible in early July. When planting in the ground seeds of early varieties of asters will bloom in late August.
  • The stability of the acquired varieties of asters to weather and disease is also an important criterion when buying seeds. Asters are severely affected by Fusarium. Russian varieties have the enviable advantage over the "foreigners". Especially this can boast of varieties of the Voronezh breeding.
  • The use of flowering plants for landscaping or cut. Many firms provide this information on the seed packets. For good cutting need to purchase the varieties with long and strong stems.

Buying annual seeds of asters, carefully study the information on the bags, especially the expiration date. Aster seeds can be stored and quickly lose their germination.

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