Try to test the device of pillows of safety in the following way. Initially perform the inspection cover, there should be no deviations: damage, dents and so on. Review carefully the very pillow of safety in the presence of different degrees of deformation. Everything should be neat and without defects.
Check the functional status of hooks and connectors for the same interference, also possible failures in the connections and contact elements fastening the conductive portion. Now look at the case, where is the generator responsible for the manifestation of the work of a pillow of safety - must all be safe and without any damage. Make an attempt combining pillows of safety to the steering column of the vehicle. The deployment design should coincide with an emergency situation. Any distortions should not be.
How to check that the pillows are generally installed on the car? There is a possibility that they have already worked once, and the former owners didn't bother to change them for the new version. It happens.
In the new production cars, there is a special diagnostic connector. It allows to diagnose the operation of all cars, and pillows in particular.
If this device is not present, troubleshoot a paper clip from the office: find this diagnostic connector, usually located immediately beneath the steering column. Turn the ignition on the car. Wait half a minute, and "short-circuit" the contacts are numbered No. 4 and No. 13 of connector. Now look at the instrument panel. It is seen that there is a blinking light bulbs.
Some bulbs give out codes, for example, CheckEngine - faulty engine, ABS malfunction, the ABS, but if you are shown "the man with the pillow" is just the fault of the system of pillows of safety. If no code, and decent condition, the bulb will flash at intervals of half a second.
If the light does not flash - the seller clocked up something that the buyer did not see the fault of the vehicle. Often slip already worked pillows of security.