You will need
  • magnifying glass;
  • - paper clip.
When purchasing a car in the secondary market, pay attention to the presence of pillows of safety. The repair of these pillows is very expensive because often you have to disassemble half the car to get to the place of their attachment .
Arm magnifying glass and start with a visual inspection of the caps. This will help to determine whether the emergency deployment of the airbags, and will be an indirect confirmation of the status of the machine as a whole. If there are cracks, chips, dents and other evidence of impacts on the surface, the pillow changed or repaired. This means that there was an accident, traces of which the seller is trying to hide.
Check electrician. Blown contacts, tangled wires - all these are indications that as no one was watching. In this case, even if the pillows are in place, there is no certainty that when you crash they will work as it should.
Pay attention to the individual generator responsible for ensuring the correct operation of the squibs. You must also inspect the housing of the generator. Make sure that the geometry of the products saved and nowhere is there chipping and damage.
Find a common diagnostic connector. Among other settings, this connector will help to determine if the pillow of safety in principle. As practice shows, in the automotive market have resorted to any gimmicks to sell the car as expensive as possible. Including correct the defects that inevitably appear after deployment.
In the absence of a common diagnostic link connector use an ordinary paper clip and find the contact sensors themselves pillows. They can be located under the steering column near the gas pedal.
Start the car and with the help of a paper clip "short-circuit" the contacts. On the dashboard should blink the bulb. The emblem of the "human cushion" should blink with an interval of about once per second.