First we need to know that simply replace the worn pillow will not work. In this case it will also be necessary to edit the brain of the computer. In any car, even with a medium level of security, there is a unit responsible for the correct operation of the system.
With the possible accident turns the shock sensor, and shoot the airbags and belt cutters. The special unit receives information that the system worked. Subsequently, each time the vehicle's ignition on the dashboard, the status led lights bulb auto fault. And even if to replace the airbag, then the fault has been rectified, and the pillow will not work properly and therefore won't work in the required time.
The approximate cost of steering airbags varies from 200-400 USD. The key factor here may be just the model and year of the car. Just replace the cushion as it was said earlier, does not resolve the issue, control and security (SRS) will not work correctly.
To avoid this problem, you must do a lot of work. Replace exhaust yourself pillows new.
Repair the brain with a computer, another with the SRS unit. Change error code code new car, then the computer should recognize it as if nothing happened. But the process is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.
The problem is that the manufacturer of the car every time complicates the classification of data that makes you buy the unit again. In some instances secret data can be tied to a particular model. The cost of such a unit from 600-1500 USD.
If you are not able to purchase a unit, you need to copy data dumpfile on the stick before the time of the accident. It should be done with some knowledge in this area. If none exist, then refer to the experts. In any case, do not try to copy the files, if you do not understand, in order not to provoke the release of pillows.
If the data on the flash card you have, then you should use the programmer to flash dump from a working system, after having bought this programmer and need a chip. Replace in the block need microchips or sew the necessary dump the old one.