You will need
    • fish fillets or steaks - 1kg;
    • water;
    • salt
    • pepper
    • spices - to taste;
    • steamer or saucepan and a wide heat-resistant plate.
First prepare the fish. Tastes best in a couple of turns of sea – trout, salmon, salmon, pangasius, but will fit any other. Scrape off the scales, remove the innards, rinse thoroughly. Then cut each carcass along the spine into two pieces and remove the bones. Rinse again and dry using wipes. If you want to save time, use prepared fish fillets or steaks.
The obtained fillets lightly sprinkle with lemon juice or olive oil. Add salt, pepper and grate the dried herbs (you can use ready seasoning for fish, but in this case, reduce the amount of salt). Leave the fillets for 10-15 minutes so it has time to soak up the flavors. You can do without spices, then finished dish will be more diet.
Take the utensils in which to cook. If you have a steamer, it's simple: pour water in the bottom container, on a tray a bowl put the prepared fish pieces, close the lid and start the cooking according to the instructions for your steamer. If you don't have this appliance, do not despair. First, the function of cooking for a few is provided in most multivarok, and secondly, you can cook the fish for a couple in a normal saucepan. To do this, fill it with water until about the middle, top to install a large, flat Pyrex dish, grease it with little oil and place the fish. If you have not used spice, can be put on top several sprigs of dill and lemon wedges. Cover fillet with foil on top and close the lid, put on medium heat.
Fish on a couple cooks very quickly – in just 7-10 minutes after the moment of boiling water. To avoid burns, do not open often the lid of the steamer while cooking. The best prepared fish on a couple of goes well with mashed potatoes or vegetable salad.