First determine the location where you plan to use floor dryers: whether it is a room, loggia, bathroom or shower in the bathroom. Select the size of free floor space allocated for the dryer, so after the purchase there were no problems with her placement.
If the free space in the apartment is enough, stop the choice on stationary outdoor dryer since it is more durable, resistant and durable. It has no folding mechanism, the most vulnerable place in the construction of outdoor dryers.
For narrow spaces, choose a folding model outdoor home dryers. They can be put in any room, and after drying linen is easy and quick to clean the Cabinet or pantry. When choosing a dryer, carefully inspect the folding mechanism several times unfold and fold the dryer, ensure strength and lightness of stroke mechanism.
For drying underwear in the shower choose a vertical tower dryer, as it allows a small space to put a large quantity of linen, including curtains, sheets, towels.
If you want a small home dryer, then choose plastic design: it's lighter, cheaper and does not rust.
When you buy metal of the dryer, inspect the surface. It can be made of stainless steel, enamelled or chromed. The latter are more expensive, they are heavier, but more resistant to rust and better. A distinctive feature of stainless steel is a typical metal luster. Also, make sure that the strings are made of stainless steel because some manufacturers can cheat and good frame to use cheap strings of aluminum.
Pay special attention to the enamel surfaces of the dryer, inspect for chips, scratches and other damages, otherwise it quickly covered with rust and will stain underwear.
If outdoor dryer often it will be necessary to rearrange the apartment, look for a model with castors on the legs. They facilitate its movement, and gender in this case is not scratched. The wheels check the strength of connection with the frame and the possibility of their replacement in case of breakage.
Estimate the distance between the two strings, which should be more than 6 cm, then things do not touch each other and quickly dried due to the intense circulation of air between them.