You will need
  • - aluminum or plastic pipe;
  • rubber corners;
  • - corrugations;
  • - fasteners.
Rubber parts take from the engine ZMZ-406. They are suitable for pipes with a diameter of 70 mm and 75 mm. Convolute either use the motor or from the AZLK-2141. The last option is preferable because it has greater stiffness and a smaller number of folds (reduced air resistance). The diameter of the openings is suitable for pipes with a diameter of 75-80 mm. take the aluminum Pipe with a diameter of 70 or 75 mm with a wall thickness of 3 mm. an Attractive option with polyethylene pipes: they are quite soft and do not break when hitting branches and trees.
Snorkel make two pipes: horizontal and vertical. Aluminum pipe is easier to take and bend to the desired angle. Plastic pipes connect the rubber corners. The horizontal part of the snorkel attach to the wing Oise using two simple curved brackets and clamps. The brackets are made of aluminum strips, 2 mm thick.
The vertical part of the snorkel from the bottom, secure the three screws of the windshield, the top two bolts behind the welded area. Mount the drain do not use – unreliable. And the area can use as bracket aerial the radio. Internal (engine compartment) horizontal pipe dock with the air filter by means of corrugation. To ensure the tightness of digested the entrance of the air filter. The recommended length of pipes: vertical 95 cm, both horizontal (internal and external) 45 cm
To install the snorkel make a hole in the wall of the engine compartment to the left of the battery. Print the inner tube through this hole and rubber dock area with exterior horizontal pipe. Carefully seal all joints of pipes, connection of the snorkel to the air filter and place the outlet pipe from the engine compartment, but it will get water into the cabin. The hole itself reinforce the welded steel strip of 1.5 mm with a minimum width of 20 mm, coiled ring.