Before starting work on Audi 80 disconnect the negative terminal on the battery wire. This will help to eliminate the probability of occurrence of a short circuit. Then remove the lower part of the protection of the engine compartment. To do this, lift the front of the vehicle using the Jack and secure it with supports.
Remove in the wheel wells the plastic nuts or turn constipation. Then using a screwdriver, turn the locks located on rear edge of trim panel. It is necessary to turn on 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Hang the valance on the front bumper fasteners, then carefully lift it up in the wheel housings on the left and right sides. Then remove the protective part by pulling it back.
Find the pull-in relays, which disconnect the wires. Then remove the mount of the starter, which is at the front in the direction of movement. Also remove the bolts or nuts that are located on the mounting flange of the starter. Then carefully remove the desired item.
Check for visible damage and defects. The loss of a starter health, try to replace the brushes that are sold with the mounting plate. For this procedure, loosen the starter bolts that secure the bearing cover, and then remove it.
Remove the retaining and thrust washers, located under the cover of the shaft. Unscrew the mounting of the rear housing cover and remove it. Using the measuring tool determine the length of the brushes, the minimum size shall be 8 mm. otherwise, disconnect the plate from the retractor relay and install a new set of brushes. After installation don't forget to clean the seal housing and the bearing, and mounting screws.