You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a hammer.
Carefully inspect the rear seat. Find a place where there are two tabs welded to the floor of the machine on which you installed the seat cushion. Now inspect the shelf of the body, there needs to be the top fastening of a back seat. They look like metal plates, fixed in the bracket. The lower mounts are far down in the wheel arch. Please note that you must first remove the rear seat cushion and the second stage is to remove the back. The order can't be changed.
Gently but firmly grasp the lower part of the seat (cushion) in the area of welded clips. A quick, confident movement, lift the edge of the pillow with one hand, then the other. Remove the rear seat cushion from the car. Remember, too sharp upward movement can disrupt the integrity of the frame.
Locate the retaining plates that hold the side portion of the rear seat (the backrest). Perhaps after a long operation of the vehicle, these plates will not be easy to find. Armed with a rag and cleaning fluid, wipe the parts. Find plates, pre-prepared take a screwdriver and carefully bend the mounting plate with two sides. It happens that by the time they dry up and don't react to your actions. Then take a hammer and lightly line the screwdriver bit forward to increase the lever.
Pry off the plate, lift the backrest. Carefully print on the upper back of the brackets located on the rear shelf. Now you can pull out of the salon the entire back entirely.