Plasma TV is, without doubt, a big step towards creating the ultimate viewing experience. Clear image, large flat screen are important advantages, but the advantages of a plasma TV don't stop there. They have an important feature - the ability to sit directly in front of the screen or to the side without losing the comfortable viewing of the film. Many TVs have a limited viewing range, therefore the picture becomes much less clear.

Another important aspect of the plasma TV is that the screen can be mounted on the wall, so there should be a music center or even a shelf where the screen is. This is to ensure that the audience felt what you feel at the cinema.

Remember that setting up a home theater may start with the electronics, but that, of course. You will be able to create a genuine atmosphere of cinema at home. Select reclining chairs, seats with armrests or comfortable recliners.

You will also find companies that provide everything else you need to make your home theater more like a real one. Want popcorn? They will provide you with a machine for making popcorn and drinks.

If you are looking for more practical items, you'll be pleased to know that there are inexpensive and easy to install material for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings. When you're finished with a home cinema, you can cover the floors with carpet like in your favorite cinema, hide-proof walls under authentic theater curtains.

Creating your own home theater you can start with the plasma TV - it is, perhaps, the latest and the best technology available for your enjoyment. But I don't think the experience of creating the perfect home theater system to this end.