You will need
  • boards, plywood, or Plexiglas;
  • - liquid nails.
Even the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was associated with living matter some forms (such as the pyramid of Cheops). The sequence of fields is determined by the number of the Golden section f=1,618 in a corresponding degree.
Do the calculations on your future pyramid, its height is calculated by the Pythagorean theorem, where X equals 1/2 the length of the base of the pyramid, and equal to the height of the pyramid.For example, you want to build a small pyramid with the sides of the square at the base is ten centimeters. The height of the pyramid will be 10x2,058=of 20.58 cm, and the height of the side triangles is equal 21,178 see the Angle of the faces should be 51,83°.
Home pyramid make with natural materials: wood, cardboard, plexiglass, plywood, or a flat slate. Make pattern according to your size and transfer it to the material. Saw out the parts with a jigsaw.
Combine them with glue or liquid nails as the use of metal parts such as nails will introduce distortions in the field of a pyramidal space.
Install pyramid house by half a meter from the floor so you and your household will be influenced by its uniform field. Try to put her out of different metal objects, be it water, radiators or sewage, as they reduce the natural magnetic field and therefore reduce the healing properties of the pyramid. In addition, it is bad and in the homes of reinforced concrete structures.
Outside the house, set the pyramidto the side of the base coinciding with the line "North-South", elevated position, preferably away from power lines and Railways. If placed correctly, the pyramid will work very effectively.