Remember that in life called potassium permanganate potassium permanganate is a powder of small dark purple crystals and is perfectly soluble in water, giving the latter a pink or purple color. Being a powerful oxidizing agent, it has expressed antimicrobial activity. And the ability to interact with the tissue proteins with formation of complex compounds leads to the astringent properties of the weak concentration of potassium permanganate. More concentrated solutions cause irritation and burns of the mucous membrane of the stomach.
Be aware that vomiting is a protective mechanism aimed at removing from the body of the poison. It facilitates the human condition is not only food poisoning, but at intestinal infections and acute digestive disorders.
Take a few crystals of potassium permanganate and dissolve in five litres of warm boiled water. The solution should turn a pink color and keep the transparency. To avoid contact with the inner layers of the stomach does not dissolve the crystals, it is better to start to dissolve the potassium permanganate in a smaller pot and then pour the liquid in a large saucepan, leaving the sediment and adding the necessary amount of water. Or to filter the collodion through several layers of cheesecloth. Unpleasant taste and odor of the mixture will accelerate spontaneous cleansing of the stomach.
Get affected person to drink the mixed composition based on the age of the patient. For washing the stomach of the infant 6-9 months, the volume of water should be 600-800 ml children over the years - a rate of a liter of liquid. Adult give about 5-10 liters. Procedure is carried out in several stages. If after drinking vomiting does not occur, provoke her attack, pushing the tongue root with a finger wrapped in a clean cloth. Effective is gastric lavage, when after each drink of precipitating solution should be vomiting.