You will need
  • - veneer;
  • - barrel or plywood;
  • epoxy resin;
  • glue;
  • skin;
  • - plastic bag;
  • Board.
For the manufacture of drum shamans were required to choose a tree that will be cut out of the rim, and an animal skin which will be used to manufacture the drum. To point out the necessary things had spirits. For example, in some tribes the shaman was blindfolded and sent into the woods. Guided by the spirits, he sought out the tree. The choice of the animal was also extremely important. After all, from whose skins will be made of diamonds, then the animal owner and will develop during shamanic journeys to other worlds.
At present, few people go blindfolded into the forest to find their tree. But the choice to do is still necessary. So figure out what breed you would like to make rim for your vehicle. Maybe you know what tree you are looking for energy or just like. Once you have made your choice, purchase a veneer of this breed.
Take a barrel or make a cylinder out of plywood. On this basis you will be gluing the rim. Wrap the veneer around the Foundation in layers until you feel that he was strong enough. It is best to glue with epoxy.
Now you need to choose the skin. Most likely, you're not going to kill an animal, so to acquire the skin in the textile Department, a Shoe store or Studio. Wet skin, making sure that moisture does not hit the rim. To do this, close the areas that will touch skin, plastic bag, later you will easily be able to tear it up. To put the skin on the nails and the glue.
You can now attach to the rim from the back side of the wooden crossbar – it can also stick or bind on the strained belts. For it you will keep a tambourine during the game. You can decorate it – for example, the shamans painted on the skin picture of the world in their view. And forward – to journey to distant worlds.