You will need
  • the a-pillars
  • -material for sheathing
  • barrel
  • -shower mixer
  • cement
  • -a pipe for draining
For the construction of the showerand will fit any existing material. Decide where you will install the shower. Mark the location and dig a small indentation. Install the drain pipe and the bottom of the future zabetonirovana showerand a thin layer of cement. The pipe from the sink can spend in a compost pit at the site or to dig at the end portion of drain hole. If you dug a hole, put it on the floor. In the pit to prevent collapse and shedding install the old tires.
The next step is installation of lathing showerEva cockpit. To make it not big in size and height of 2-2,5 meters. Kopite poles, pre-insulate them from moisture. It can be isolated with bitumen or roofing material. The crate you can fit any material. The main thing that it was not transparent and showerewww the cabin did not blow.
Make slatted floor with gaps to drain water down and the drain pipe went into the drain or compost pit.
Make the roof with a ramp. It leave a hole for the connection of the mixer. Roof install capacity. It can be made of ordinary iron or plastic barrels. At the bottom of the barrel make a hole and screw the showerEva faucet. The barrel color in black color for better heat the water.
On top of the barrel should be covered and hold the metal pipe down. You will connect the hose and fill with water.
Here is a simple device will help you all summer to feel fresh and fresh.