You will need
  • - AdBlock Plus.
If you are faced with an advertising window that appears when you open certain pages, you install a special plugin for your webbrowser. Leaders in this area is the program AdBlock Plus. Please visit the official website of the producer of the program
Download out the version of this utility which is suitable for your browser. Install this software. If viral advertising window appears immediately after starting the browser, it is necessary to use more radical methods.
For a start, disable all add-ins and plugins built into the browser. Most browsers have the function run without add-ons. Take advantage of it and remove all the plugins related to Flash.
Now open the start menu and navigate to control panel computer. Click "add or remove programs. Find the suspicious program that you haven't installed yourself. Usually, they are also associated with the work of Flash applications.
If, after conducting the above procedures, the advertising window is not deleted, try to find the files that cause it. Press "start" and E. menu Opens "My computer". Select the hard disk partition on which operating system is installed.
Navigate to the Windows directory. Locate the folder System32 and open it. Specify the file sorting "by type" to accelerate the process of finding malicious files. Locate the files with the extension .dll. Now delete those whose names contain the end combination of letters lib, for example ogtlib.dll.
If some files can't be deleted completely, then perform the operation of removing the "add To cart". Restart the computer and check the ads.
As a last extreme measure, use uninstalling the infected browser. In this case you will lose all bookmarks and important Cookies.