Advice 1: How to sew pillow orthopedic

Who does not want after sleep to feel healthy and rested, not to feel pain in the neck and back? Probably want all. The way out of this situation there is the use of orthopedic pillows. Basically, it is used for the prevention of diseases of the cervical spine. Orthopedic pillow is double sided and can serve people of different ages, height and weight. Sew this pillow is very simple. Its creation will bring you lot of fun and will not take much time.
How to sew pillow orthopedic
You will need
  • cloth;
  • - button or zip;
  • filler;
  • - sewing supplies.
Decide on the style of cushion. Usually orthopedic pillow is sewn in the form of beads of various sizes. The dignity of orthopedic pillows is that the pillow is as if adapts to your posture and body shape. Take a look and try to imagine industrial orthopedic pillows and roughly estimate its size. If your head easily and conveniently, then the size fits you. Focusing on this, you will be able to choose the size of your future pillow.
Select a suitable fabric for the cushion. It is desirable that it was a natural fabric, pleasant to the body. Make pattern pillow the shape you like. On the Internet there are many sites that offer sewing patterns of all forms of pillows for download, may wish to use them.
Take the pattern roller and apply it to the selected tissue. You must leave a centimeter or two of the allowances for seams. Take two parts. Fold parts of the outer side on the inside. Billet sew three sides completely, and leave the fourth for stuffing. If you want you can do the remaining side of the zipper or buttons, in order to be able to change or add a gasket. Remove there.
Invest in cushion filler. Orthopedic pillows industrial production filled with latex, viscoelastic foam or polyester. At home you can fill a pillow with buckwheat husks, which provide massaging effect to your neck and will serve as the basis for a healthy and sound sleep.
Sew to pillow removable pillowcase. It is practical and beautiful. The external part of the pillow you can decorate to your taste. It can be decorative applique pieces of fabric, different color and texture, or pattern transferred to the fabric. How it will look in your new orthopedic pillow depends on your imagination and skillful hands.
If after sleeping on a pillow you're not feeling well, you should change the filler in the pillow on the other.

Advice 2: How to sew a pillow under the neck

This pillow will be not only pleasant but also useful gift. The pillow has a special shape in the form of pits, and therefore fit comfortably on the neck. Pillow-bone – relieves tension of the neck muscles and improves circulation. It is convenient to use at home and on the road.
How to sew a pillow under the neck
You will need
  • -soft tissue
  • filler
  • -sewing machine
Cut out fabric 3 equal parts, using the pattern of a butterfly. On the center side mark with a pencil where the handle will be attached.
Two strips of fabric sewn handles. Fold the two parts of the cushion, right sides to the inside and tack from one pencil mark to the other. Also tack handle. Stitching.
Next, tack the third item and stitch, leaving a small hole. Gut-wrenching, stuffed with filler and sew up the hole hidden seam.
Useful advice
Where the handles are attached, preferably to flash a couple of times that they kept a tighter hold.
Stuff the pillow with the filler need not adhere to a pleasant softness.
If you fill the pillow with buckwheat husk, pillow will acquire such useful features as: normalization of blood pressure, reduced fatigue, head and muscle pain, massage neck and breathability.
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