You will need
  • - ointment,
  • - glass rods,
  • - a cotton swab.
The most popular tool – tetracycline ointment for eyes, which is prescribed for various infectious diseases, inflammation of iris, etc. If the doctor has recommended that you apply as drops and ointment, the procedure always start with the drops. Only after two or three minutes, proceed to filling ointment. Ointment for eyes laid pretty easy, you hardly need someone's help.
For the procedure of laying ointment, you will need the very cream, special, purchased in a drugstore glass rods-blades and a cotton swab. A glass spatula should be pre-boiled to eliminate the possibility of contact with any germs. If you have the disease affected both eyes, be sure to use a separate wand for each of them.
Take a glass blade with your right hand and squeeze the flat part of a small amount of ointment from a tube. Go to the mirror slightly pull down the lower eyelid with a finger of the left hand. Lightly apply on the mucous membrane of the ointment using a glass blade. Slowly release the lower eyelid, gently close your eyes and free conjunctive cavity of the eye from a stick.
Put the wand, take a cotton swab using gentle circular movements make a gentle massage of the eye. This gentle massage for 30 seconds promotes even distribution of ointment across the membrane and accelerates the absorption of the applied drug.
For the treatment of certain diseases using ointment under eyes and massage the eyelids with the ointment. It is very easy to do independently, without help. On the shoulder take some of the ointment and gently RUB the medication into the edge of the eyelid, moving the wand from left to right along the entire length century for a few seconds. Sterile gauze or a cotton swab, remove the excess ointment.