Quality natural butter is fixed according to GOST: it is the highest or first grade. Checks such product quality as taste and smell, consistency, color and appearance, quality of packaging. Depending on these indicators, the oil is assigned a grade: product, scored 13-20 points dvadtsatiletnej scale, is considered the highest grade. For the assessment of 6-12 points oil gets labeled first grade.
Unfortunately, to carry out a real examination of butter only in laboratory conditions than are unscrupulous manufacturers that put the markings at their discretion. Be careful when buying oil. Pay attention to its price. Natural butter is noticeably different in price from their peers, a composition which contains vegetable or dairy fats. By the way, skim or diet butter doesn't happen. If it is less than 60% fat, it is a fake.
To verify the quality of purchased butter only at home. There are several ways of testing the milk product. Put the butter in the night in the freezer. In the morning try to cut frozen butter. Natural product it will flake pieces, with the cut surface will remain solid, with no dark or light streaks.
Let's see how the product behaves when heated. Spoon a small piece of butter and hold it over the gas stove. The butter will boil the oil with impurities or margarine boiling and foaming.
Take a glass jar and fill it with boiling water. Dissolve it in some butter. If milk fat is dissolved and evenly mixed with water, the product containing impurities or vegetable fats, will leave a noticeable sediment at the bottom of the jar.
The main criterion in assessing the quality of the oil must be the taste. A natural product may not contain impurities of taste to be too bitter or salty taste. If oil has an unpleasant color, taste or smell, like a fishy flavor, don't use it in food.