For insulation of the cabin in the first place, replace the heater with a more powerful or install an additional heater in the rear compartment. The choice of a particular heater depends on the tastes, preferences and financial possibilities of the owner of the UAZ. But you still have to change the configuration of the stove. Recommended for choice of heaters designed for installation on vans. For example, CITB.3221-8110010. This brand can be installed as a primary or secondary stove. It will warm up the interior much interior volume but has a fairly large size.
It will also be useful to install on UAZ auxiliary heater, cabin, working on gas fuel. Regardless of the model of heater, it should have a capacity of 2 to 4 kW. This heater blends perfectly with installation on UAZ, gas equipment. The advantage of the auxiliary heater is the ability to automatically maintain the temperature in the cabin. Disadvantage – difficulty with self-connection.
Insulate the floor. With limited finances use insulated linoleum. If finances allow, purchase a specialized kit for floor insulation in the shop. It consists of a layer of foil and glued to it a foam layer.
Front panel, doors, sides and ceiling are insulated similarly, through the acquisition of specialized materials. You can install them both independently and in a specialized firm. Door fit double seals of the car UAZ hunter.
Canvas awning, as standard mounted on a UAZ-469 replace the insulated model of the more modern polymer materials. If possible, order your custom tailoring. Under either option installed awning purchase additional insulation for use in winter.
Seal all the cracks in the cabin with foam or specialized sealant