Before working for safety disconnect the negative battery cable. For removal headlight disconnect the front bumper. For this otdelnie three clamps that secure the bumper pad to the panel case. Using a screwdriver, remove side and bottom screws. Then ask your assistant to gently hold the bumper while pull the plugs and remove the underneath bolts of the lining.
Carefully remove wings from the side lining of the bumper and pull the design itself – it should be easy to move. If the car is equipped with fog lights or headlight washers produce a separation of the respective connectors in the wiring. If need be, disconnect the temperature sensor, which is responsible for the outer air.
Unscrew the bolts securing the blockheadlight to the car body. Then carefully remove the headlight and disconnect the electrical wiring immediately after you will have access to the connectors. Disconnect the lamp Assembly, remove the mounting screws and remove the bottom part of the cover of the bumper.
If necessary, turn 90 degrees and lifting the servo that adjusts the optical axis of the headlamp. After further installation, be sure to adjust the direction of the rays of the headlights.
For removing the turn signal lens gently move the follower back, to advance the front part of the wing panels. Then pull it toward you and remove from the wing. Disconnect all electrical connectors.
For removing the rear lights open the trunk and press the retaining clips that secure the cover, covering the rear lights. Disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the two screws, at the same time gently hold the lights outside. Then, remove the entire structure from the opening of the car body.