A child is angry, repels all, there is a risk of injury to the oral mucosa. And yet, parents are the closest people, and a little easier to trust you than the pediatrician. It is good if participation of both parents.
Sit on a chair or sofa, take your baby, sit on my lap and calm. Slightly lean him back. For inspection of the throat will need a flashlight, a small pen (can be purchased at the pharmacy). In addition to useful little spoon, its handle must be no sharp protrusions.
Usually, trying to see the throat, you say to the child: "Say a-Ah and stick out your tongue". However, such action could trigger a little gag reflex, which again will set it up in belligerent mood. Don't need to ask to stick his tongue enough if he just opens his mouth and you gently hold your tongue with a spoon or spatula. At this point, let the child just inhales deeply through the mouth. As a consequence, the language itself will fall, and the soft palate, on the contrary, rise and, thus, the examination of the oral cavity will not cause any difficulties. And the child will not be afraid of this simple procedure in the future.