You will need
  • Cutters;
  • - insulating tape;
  • diagram for connection particular model of the recorder;
  • for Japanese cars will also need the fasteners for the radio.
Ubedites that the mounting size of the unit corresponds to the mounting seat in the car. Standard mounting size is 1DIN (5х18см) and 2DIN (10х18см).
Connect the main electrical connector to the car wiring. All European cars, for radio there is a special connector. It is the same configuration for all grades, however, may be different color wires. To facilitate this task, sets of modern stereos Alpine, comes with adapter connector "Euro" connector on the Alpine. Attached to receiver adapter for "Euro" is not appropriate for the Japanese connectors, besides the different brands they are different. In the market you can find adapters with the "Euro" on a Toyota or Nissan, but in most cases to buy them is unrealistic and you have to work the pliers to connect the power and speaker wires to the appropriate wires on the car. In addition, if the radio monitor, then connect Parking brake switch, and on the American models the radio, and even pedal sensor main brake. Insulate all wire connections with electrical tape.
Insert the connector with the wires in a special slot receiver. Connect the same antenna wire for the normal operation of the radio. On the Alpine radio, mounting the antenna plug fits for all brands of European cars. For Japanese cars the need to replace either the plug or socket.
Now need to fix the radio in her seat. With European car as everything is always just the radio with a connected electrical connector is inserted into a special frame that comes with the radio, then installed a decorative plastic frame around the front panel that also comes with radio. To fix the radio on a Japanese machine, you will need special fasteners that are suited only to a specific body type. They can be removed with a previously installed or from the factory radio. Before doing this, it is necessary to remove the decorative panel covering the radio and in most cases, climate controller and ventilation. After securing a boarding place, the radio is covered by a plastic panel, which is part of the console dashboard of a Japanese car.