You will need
  • -the showerhead;
  • -screwdriver.
Disassemble the watering can for the shower, just unscrewing the nozzle. The main method of attachment of all elements in the lake for the soul is a small bolt. Use a screwdriver suitable for unscrewing.
Whirling between the elements of a watering can for the soul, disassemble it into component parts. You may need to clean the nozzle with holes for the water: there can be formed limescale that prevent good water flow through the desired hole.
Problems to parse the lake, you might have only if the product is very poor quality. Therefore, when choosing such equipment give preference to more expensive models from German and Italian manufacturers, not Chinese poor quality product.
If you wish to disassemble the watering can for the sole purpose of cleaning from scale, use more simple method. In an electric kettle pour half a teaspoon of citric acid. When the water boils, turn down the lake for the soul, and all limescale will quickly depart.
Do not attempt to disassemble the watering can for the soul, if it is nonseparable model. Trying to do this, you run the risk of simply breaking the product. Generally look at the product for repair. So before you begin, read the enclosed instructions and carefully consider the watering can for the soulto understand its device.
Note that the main fault which may occur is the flow of the heads. In this case, the water begins to beat the jet is not of special holes, and the joints watering with a hose or nozzle. Remove the funnel from the soul, it is well dry. Put the rubber gasket in the desired location on the body of the watering can or pour liquid glue and wait until the product dries.