You will need
  • cover with plastic, cardboard, wax, wool rug, raw potato, rubber cover from the bubbles
Before you move the furniture, clear its contents. Open the Cabinet or sideboard, take out clothes, books, dishes, that is all that is inside. Be sure to remove the glass shelves, fix doors so they would not open. If the piece of furniture can be disassembled, do so and move it in parts.
To avoid scratching the floor, place the feet move objects with plastic lid, used for closing cans. This will ease the friction and will eliminate the bands on the package or the laminate.
If you fear that a heavy Cabinet will leave ugly marks on the floor, cut into circles raw potatoes. The thickness should be 30-40 mm, and a diameter twice the diameter of the leg of a wardrobe. Cut in slices holes to fit the legs of the rack, and carefully move.
You can put under furniturefeet wide wool Mat of adequate thickness. This will help to overcome the thresholds: on one hand it is necessary to pull the litter, on the other hand to push. Be sure to hold the dragged across the threshold of the subject, otherwise it may tip over and injure you or your associates.
For the best slip on the floor slip under the legs of furniture pieces of waxed cardboard. You can use the packs of milk – they have a layer of wax. There is another option – grate floor according to the line of movement of the furniture with a damp soap and water or cover with a thick layer of paraffin or wax.
Not to noisy, moving furniture, fasten the furniturelegs, vehicle use rubber corks from medical bubbles. They will serve as a kind of shock absorbers, and no grinding will not.
If you are not able to release the furniture from the content, you can use a homemade Jack. They can be, for example, inflatable pillow, inner tube or even a rubber hot-water bottle. Of course, this way you can move is not too large objects.