You will need
  • - carpet;
  • - two sticks (e.g., mops);
  • - belts or curtains;
  • assistant.
If you want to move a piano from one part of the room to another, take old carpet and lay it down pile. To roll a piano across the smooth floor, suitable also regular rag. Lift one part of the tool and is placed under both feet of the material. Go with other hand, lift it up and pull the piano dragging in the desired direction. You can also put a cloth under all four legs, and simply push the tool.
If no legs, roll up the carpet and put the bundle under the instrument. Then lift the opposite side of the tool and untwist it so that it took up the entire space under the bottom.
If the piano has no legs, locate the two round sticks, for example, of a MOP. Lift one part of the tool and put it under one of the poles, then in the same way put on the opposite side another. Slowly roll it in the desired direction when one of the sticks out, move it forward. If you want to rotate, just put the stick at an angle.
To move a piano through the threshold or climb a few stairs, make belts for the transfer of furniture. Take a long strong flat straps, for example, from the car. If the matching is not at hand, ordinary curtains. Secure the ends to each other so as to form a circle to do this, align the ends, make a loop and put the loop end on the inside, firmly pull. Do not tie them the usual way, for example, as Shoe laces, for example (in two steps), the node is not sufficiently reliable.
Loop the strap over your shoulder and pass under the two corners of the piano. On the other hand your assistant needs to do the same. At the same time lift up tool (best to do it on command), hands at the same time push him away from himself. Move the piano to the desired location in the apartment, and carefully stand, then remove the belts.