You will need
  • wooden handle (for example, from the shovel),
Consider your wardrobe and its approximate mass. This will help you understand whether the movement to the violation of the integrity of the flooring or deep scratches on its surface. If the floor is also planned to change, the fear is necessary for the integrity of the Cabinet.
Tilt the Cabinet forward a little and put it under the rear support bar of a conventional wooden handle of a shovel or other agricultural implements (rakes, hoes, etc.) to the place of the support rack to the floor.
Tilt the Cabinet back slightly and push the handle so that the left part of the Cabinet completely relied on it.
Follow the same procedure with the right side of the Cabinet. If done successfully, the Cabinet will stand on a kind of wooden rollers perpendicular to the Cabinet doors.
Roll the design out of the closet and rollers to the desired location, making sure that the support bracket of the Cabinet is not damaged. Also, check the integrity of the hardwood cuttings, because if they are damaged, their further use should be abandoned.
Remove the cuttings from under the Cabinet consistent with his inclinations. Cuttings it is possible to knock with the foot.
Tilt the Cabinet to the left and insert the cuttings under a support parallel to the Cabinet doors. In this case, it is desirable to use longer cuttings, because the Cabinet can be multi-leaf, and hence wide.
Without reducing the inclination of the insert the second cutting and evenly distribute them in the area of the base of the Cabinet.
Further, the rack can be moved in the other direction. Thanks to these simple rules, you can transfer Cabinet even alone.