You will need
  • green tea;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - chamomile flowers (collection);
  • tea soda;
  • - walnut leaves;
  • - rubbing alcohol (vodka);
  • - cotton swab (disk);
  • - water.
Daily follow basic rules of hygiene. This factor often plays a decisive role in the occurrence of excessive sweating of the armpits. Take a contrast shower 2 times a day using detergents.
Eliminate from your wardrobe of clothes made of synthetic fabrics. This texture not only causes severe sweating of the body, but also can produce skin irritation.
Do not try to drown out the unpleasant smell of sweat with perfume agents (perfume, Cologne, deodorant). So you only amplify this condition.
Prepare a special remedy for severe sweating of the armpits. For this, steep 2 tea bags of green tea (no additives) 1 Cup of boiling water. Add the juice of one lemon. After 15-20 minutes, strain the infusion. Cotton swab (disk) dampen a ready tool, and wipe the area of the armpits. Repeat this procedure several times a day.
Not less effective from heavy sweating underarms helps infusion based on chamomile flowers. For cooking 6 tablespoons of the herbal tea pour 1 liter of boiling water. Add to this the infusion of 2 tablespoons of baking soda tea. Capacity cover with a tight lid. After 40-60 minutes the solution strain. Use ready to use infusion to wipe the underarms.
Use walnut leaves to prepare remedies from severe sweating of the armpits. To do this, pour medical alcohol (vodka) in a ratio of 1:10. Cover the container with a tight lid and store in a dark cool place for 8-12 hours. Ready means dilute 1:1 with water. Use the infusion for wiping your underarms 2-3 times a day.
If the people's recipes do not bring the desired result, please seek the help of a specialist. An experienced doctor, having examined the state of your body and determine the cause of this disease and prescribe the appropriate treatment.