Please visit the official website of the manufacturer of your car. There you'll find recommended for installation in your car filters. Also there are many forums for different brands of cars where you can find the necessary information. Also find out which filter is selected. If it is coal, then this filter should only be replaced. Purchase only a recommended model filters since they have resistance and density, designed just for your machine.
Find the location of the cabin filter. In some vehicles it is located under the glove box. Remove the front passenger Mat. Beneath, you will find a plastic latch. Press it and open the cover. Beneath it in the recess you will see the housing of the filter. Remove the screws and lift it out. Also the filter may be located directly behind the glove box. Press the latches of the glove compartment and pull out of the grooves. Behind it you will see the cabin filter. Very often the filter is located behind the glove box which is easily removed from the center console. Location of boxes with filterω depends on the make and model of car.
Take it out of the case filter. Examine it carefully. First, carefully shake it. Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner, turned on at full power. Rinse it under a strong jet of water on both sides. Do not use any rough brushes or other devices as they can easily disrupt the structure of the filter! Allow it to soak for a few hours in a cleaning composition. Then wash in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. After drying, install the filter in place.