Advice 1: How to clean the cabin filter

Each car has a part or parts which require periodic replacement. For example, the consumable is a cabin filterthat cleans the air before entering the cabin.
How to clean the cabin filter
Please visit the official website of the manufacturer of your car. There you'll find recommended for installation in your car filters. Also there are many forums for different brands of cars where you can find the necessary information. Also find out which filter is selected. If it is coal, then this filter should only be replaced. Purchase only a recommended model filters since they have resistance and density, designed just for your machine.
Find the location of the cabin filter. In some vehicles it is located under the glove box. Remove the front passenger Mat. Beneath, you will find a plastic latch. Press it and open the cover. Beneath it in the recess you will see the housing of the filter. Remove the screws and lift it out. Also the filter may be located directly behind the glove box. Press the latches of the glove compartment and pull out of the grooves. Behind it you will see the cabin filter. Very often the filter is located behind the glove box which is easily removed from the center console. Location of boxes with filterω depends on the make and model of car.
Take it out of the case filter. Examine it carefully. First, carefully shake it. Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner, turned on at full power. Rinse it under a strong jet of water on both sides. Do not use any rough brushes or other devices as they can easily disrupt the structure of the filter! Allow it to soak for a few hours in a cleaning composition. Then wash in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. After drying, install the filter in place.

Advice 2: How to clean car interior

Taking care of your car, the owners often confined to external cleaning of the case. However, this is incorrect because the cleanliness of the salon also plays an important role. To travel in the car became more comfortable, you need to devote some free time and start cleaning the cabin.
How to clean car interior
You will need
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • - special cleaner "2000";
  • damp sponge;
  • - dry cotton cloth;
  • shampoo;
  • - conditioner for leather covers;
  • - windshield wiper on alcohol;
  • - rubber cloth;
  • detergent;
  • brush;
  • - autopalyarol.
First, guide the preparatory work. Remove from interior mats and remove all the seats. Then thoroughly vacuum the interior. Since the car is much available vacuum cleaner places use an air compressor. It will easily blow away all the accumulated debris and dust.
Now start to clear the ceiling. Take special cleaner "2000" and start evenly at a distance of 10-20 cm from the front. After 10 minutes with a damp sponge, moving from the windshield to the center, gently distribute the applied agent. Then wipe the treated area with a dry cotton cloth. Take the front seat and use the same procedure with the rear part of the ceiling.
While the ceiling will dry out, get seats. Prepare a special cleaning solution. To do this, dilute the shampoo in water (in the ratio 1:20). Apply the prepared product on the upholstery and leave on for 5 minutes. The passage of time well wipe the seats with a damp sponge, removing impurities, and dry. If the covers are leather, be sure to treat them with a special conditioner that will retain their original color, and protect from cracking. Install clean the seat back in the car.
Proceed to cleaning doors. Apply on the inner part, handles, thresholds, seals, and a pocket cleaner. Try not to get on glass. Everything a good wipe with a damp sponge while scrubbing heavy dirt, then dry cloth. In conclusion, using the wiper on alcohol and rubber cloth, clean glass.
Prepare detergent, toothbrush and rag and start washing the floor. Apply a little detergent on a particularly contaminated sites and carefully RUB them with a brush. At the end be sure to wipe it with a dry cloth. Then thoroughly vacuum rugs, wash them, dry and put in the car.
To prevent degreasing of the plastic after cleaning it with detergents that handle all the details autopalyarol. Apply it on a soft sponge and distribute evenly all the plastic items in the cabin.
To machine left the unpleasant smell of the chemicals used, hang it on the mirror or the oven flavor.
Useful advice
If after cleaning the cabin was wet, dry it with a heater.

Advice 3: How to clean air conditioner in car

Many people prefer to clean automotive air conditioning service stations. However, this operation forces the ordinary motorist with the skills to work with automotive tools, chemicals.
How to clean air conditioner in car
The neglect of timely cleaning of a car air conditioner is fraught with sad consequences; in the first place, is premature wear of a number of parts, cost of replacement which is often comparable to the price of the device. In addition, contamination of the conditioning is accompanied by the accumulation of bacteria, harmful to human body.

Cleaning and conditioning aerosol foam means

Both methods are suitable for the cleaning of air conditioners installed in cars by the age of 3-5 years. The first method is to use aerosol products (best suited for prophylaxis, disinfection). You can apply special chemicals, such as, for example, Liqui Molly Klima Reiniger Analgen, Presto Klimaanalgen reiniger and other similar aerosols.

To clear the air, it is necessary to start the engine by turning on the recirculation; then withdraw fan, air conditioning at full capacity. Put the spray in front of the front passenger seat (where the air is taken for recirculation, close doors, Windows, activate the spray. You should wait as specified in the attached instructions time, to ventilate the interior. The foam cleaning method is used when a higher degree of pollution the car "cooler". For its realization it is necessary to remove the cabin filter and to fill the foam holes duct. Next, after waiting a specified in the user time to start up the engine, allowing him to work in different modes. In conclusion, you need to ventilate the interior.

Cleaning of the air conditioning means at hand

Often, producers are more cunning, selling to motorists for cleaning, which is composed of substances that standing, for example, in the pharmacy 10 times cheaper. This applies, primarily, to the digluconate of chlorhexidine (solution of 0.05%). It can be used in "single order", and it is possible to improve efficiency to mix with alcohol (1:1). Suitable Russian drug "Lysoformin 3000" used for disinfection of premises, combat mold; the desired concentration of 5% (50 ml per liter of water). Another chemical – "Chloramine B" used for disinfection of tableware, toys, medical products. To obtain the desired solution should be diluted in a liter of water one tablespoon of the product.

To implement the cleaning process, remove the cabin air filter. Into the holes using any sprayer (e.g., spray for color) pour the ready solution "liked" you chemical. Next you need to include the full power the fan with the air conditioning and open doors, Windows, covering weekend deflectors cloth, so that the solution is not settled in the cabin. In conclusion, it should be noted that to eliminate serious pollution would have to turn to professionals, because it requires removing the evaporator and refill the air conditioner with freon.
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