You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Dr. Web CureIt.
To start regain access to at least some functions of the operating system. Most often viral ad banner occupies a large portion of the desktop. To free up more usable space, increase the desktop resolution.
Just right click on the desktop and select "screen Resolution". Set a higher resolution and click apply.
Now get adware removal Windows. Try to do it yourself. Click on "My computer" and navigate to the Windows directory. Open the system32 folder. Find the. dll files that end with the letters lib, for example: hqslib.dll, itolib.dll and so on. Highlight and delete all the files.
If the viral banner is not lost, try to pick him the correct code. The bulk of these advertising Windows has a field for a password. Go to the website Enter the phone number or account specified in the banner and click "Find code". The substitute offered by system passwords in the box ads.
If all the proposed codes were incorrect, repeat the algorithm described in the previous step by clicking on the following links:,,
If you cannot find the correct password to disable the banner, use a special program. Click on the link and download from there the program.Web Curelt.
Install the downloaded application and run it. Activate scanning of hard drives. Delete the virus files found by the program. Restart the computer or laptop. Scan the operating system a full antivirus program.