Transfer conceived idea on an ordinary sheet of paper. This is not difficult, even without drawing skills. A sketch is usually applied schematically and are required to perform the following steps as a visual representation of the plan.
Use any graphic editor to recreate the sketch on the monitor. The beginners are recommended to use a simple graphic Paint program that allows you to create colorful drawings, and is very handy. More confident users can realize their ideas using more complex graphics editors, such as Corel Draw.
In advance think of the text of the message (you can use any poem), but it is better to write your own, then type in the text or in the figure using special text features, or in Word that will allow you to pick the desired font. Highlight, copy and paste the greetings in the outline drawing.
Edit received version of the image and bring the idea to its logical conclusion. If the monitor displayed exactly the kind of idea that was originally intended, save the file.
Print the card on a color printer using a matte paper for photo printing up to A4 size. If you have no printer, the card can be printed in any photo Studio, with only a little flash card with the necessary file.
Give it to the person for whom it was decided to make a card on the computer. Nothing can please more than a gift is unique in its essence, and created especially for a specific person.