Get migration map, if you cross the border of the Russian Federation: • by air – the crew of the aircraft;
• sea, river transport – by members of the crew of the vessel;
• by rail – the staff of the train crew (conductors);
• automobile public transport (by bus) – from the bus driver;
• on a personal (private) transport or walking – staff on border control.It is also possible the filling of the migration card directly into the arrivals hall of the terminal (port, bus, etc.) directly before passing the border control point.Migration card is issued free of charge.
Complete both parts of the migration card and entry and exit (coupons "A" and "B") by hand, legibly, without erasures and corrections in ballpoint pen or fountain pen with the paste (ink) of black, purple or blue. Persons who do not speak Russian, you can fill in the data of the migration card in Latin letters in accordance to passport.Migration card filled in on citizens of all ages.
Will receive from the officer of border control card "B" of the migration card bearing the service marks of crossing the borders of the Russian Federation (coupon "A" will be taken from you at passport control). Store the received pass all the time will be on Russia and turn to the staff of the border control authorities upon departure from the Russian Federation.
Contact in case of loss or damage pass "B" of the migration card to the territorial bodies of the Federal migration service at the place of stay to obtain a duplicate, within three days from the moment of discovery of the loss or damage of the document.
Leave the territory of the Russian Federation upon the expiry of the period of stay. If you need to extend the period of stay, contact the territorial bodies FMS of Russia with the corresponding statement in advance. Information about registration at the place of stay and extension of stay will be stamped on the back of the card "B".If at departure from the territory of Russia migration card you will not, you will be asked to fill out a coupon "B" when passing the border control.