You will need
  • archive WinRar
The archive has the extension .rar, and file it - any more, for example .mp3, .avi, .txt. If you only need a file contained in the archive, extract it by right mouse button and selecting "Extract...". To do this, your computer must have the program WinRar archiver.
If you know you downloaded a file with an incorrect extension, replace it with the correct. First make the extension visible. Operating system Windows XP, click "start" – "control Panel" – "folder options". In the opened window go to the tab "View" . Uncheck the option "Hide extension for known file types". In Windows Vista, in the tab "View" you will have to go to "advanced settings". In Windows 7 the path to the settings will look like the following: "start" – "control Panel" – "folder Options" - "View". Now the file will be named something like this: file.rar. Change the extension as desired, for example, file.mp3.
Despite the popularity of the rar format, users often prefer to transfer data online in zip format, because it is unpacked not need a special program, and sufficient funds of the Windows operating system. Click on the file, right-click, choose Rename and change the extension on .zip. Most likely, this will be enough and the files will open without problems.
To convert a rar archive to any other type, open it, click on "Operations" - "Convert archive". Check the boxes opposite the types of archives that you want to change. This list can be adjusted with the buttons "Add" and "Remove". Click "Compression", check the box next to the desired file format (e.g. zip) and click OK. Specify a folder to save the new file. Specify whether to delete the source files. Click "Save".