Buying a table tennis table, first decide where it will be installed. If you play outside, you need a Desk that is not afraid of any weather. The ideal material to manufacture all-weather tables is considered to be melamine plastic or fiberboard. Also, as a material for countertops can be used durable and tough multi-layered aluminum. Table games in the open air covered with a protective layer, which does not fade in the sun and non-glare. Tennis tables for indoors are made of MDF or chipboard with melamine anti-reflective coating.
Standard sizes of table 2,74х1,525 m, height 0,76 m. There are tennis tables, size 1,10x0,61 m. They are designed for preschoolers and elementary school children. Children's tables are lightweight, quickly assembled, convenient for picnic.
Choose a table tennis table, depending on the thickness of the countertop. If you purchase equipment for the Amateur game, you will approach the table top 19 mm thick. For professional training need of the tabletop 22 to 30 mm.
For professional matters the height of the bounce of the ball off the countertop. If you throw a ball from height of 30 cm, the height of rebound should be 23 see If you buy a table for professional training, it is desirable to conduct such a test. From table tops all weather table the height of the ball bounce less due to the nature of the applied coating.
Pay attention to the weight of tennis tables. Models for open air Amateur light, their weight from 45 kg to 70 kg. a Professional can weigh up to 140 kg, with the padded top and sturdy frame.
Is of great value and design. Good tennis tables are equipped with castors for easy movement with a stopper for fixing system height adjustment legs and compact mechanisms of folding. Some models, like Kettler, easy transformirovalsya at the dining table, which is very convenient for a picnic or garden. They are compact and quickly fold into a special storage pouch.
Price is also important. Professional tables are expensive. If you are just a fan of tennis, you'll appreciate the cheaper tables: all weather or indoors.