The first stupor usually causes a variety of types of DVD discs. Various DVD-R, DVD+R and the other force users to guess. Despite the fact that the DVD format was originally created for recording that is video, even the middle letter stood for Video, over time its use has expanded, and the letter began to read as Versatile (multipurpose).
Remember that the disk can freely be read on your DVD player, you need to have been a drive icon with the DVD in large letters. In addition, the drives come in a single DVD-5 and double – sided- DVD-9. As a rule, for recording use discs of the first type, the second type allows you to record higher quality, but requires more time.
Before the video file will be written to disk, it needs to be converted to DVD format, and its contents should be in a folder called VIDEO_TS. If you had initially downloaded a video like this, feel free to write to the disc using Nero Burning programs, Ashampoo Studio etc. While choosing a project for burning (recording), enter this folder and not one of its files.
If the file you have stored in the format such as avi, mpeg, mkv, etc, then you need to convert. It can take from twenty minutes to a few hours depending on program and speed up your computer.
One of the most popular programs for creating DVD-video is the product of VSO ConvertXToDVD company. The program allows you to save projects, create a custom menu, add sound effects, choice of fragments, as well as automatic burn disk after conversion.
To start the burning process is possible via the menu item "Action" -> "Burn project to disk". Click on the button right folder, which is created by default in the directory "Documents" -> "ConvertXToDVD" -> -> VIDEO_TS.
Another popular program is DVD Flick which is free and works even on very weak computers. The only drawback of this program is exclusively in English language.
There are several software to record DVD-video. This is free packs Free Studio, DVDStyler, with a wide range of possibilities. And paid, for example, DVD Maker Platinum, which has advanced features such as compression of content that is utility DVD Fit without significant loss of quality to the data of a double-layer disk fit on a standard DVD. Plus, this program in the fact that it is easy to handle beginner.