First of all, it should be said that this puncture. This procedure is a puncture of the vessel wall, often of veins, cavities, or any organ with a therapeutic or diagnostic purpose. As for breast cancer, the puncture is performed with the aim of obtaining fragments of breast tissue.
As a rule, such a procedure is assigned to the detection in the breast tissue any masses or nodules. It is the puncture can help to detect the development of cancer. In most cases breast cancer is detected early, successful treatment.
Usually the puncture of the mammary gland administered in conjunction with other diagnostic procedures and tests. Before you spend a puncture, the doctor when using ultrasound examination determines the form and size of the investigated tumors. As a rule, the puncture can be performed in two ways. The choice of method depends on the ultrasound findings.
Usually takes a puncture uses a very thin needle is inserted directly into education. The procedure is performed in the sitting position. After injection into the tumor, the doctor pulls the syringe plunger. In the syringe gets some amount of glandular tissue, which is sent for Cytology.
In the case that for the study requires a fairly large volume of material, the puncture is performed using a core biopsy. This procedure is performed with a biopsy gun under anesthesia. As a rule, the puncture is performed in the surgeon's office. Unlike fine-needle puncture, puncture held biopsy gun leaves a small scar. Also there may be some swelling or bleeding.
There is a thin layer of stereotactic puncture incision and puncture of the breast. Stereotactic puncture is performed when it is impossible to determine the internal location of the tumor. It is performed under observation using the ultrasound machine.
Incisional needling involves the excision of the tumor. Histological examination of this material allows you to accurately set the diagnosis.
Unfortunately, sometimes such procedures are not necessary. Needling can be a decisive factor in the proper treatment of your disease. It is important to understand that the value of puncture and biopsy exceed your fears to experience the unpleasant sensation of pain (which often is just not). Moreover, the earlier the cancer is detected, the easier, faster, better, cheaper and more comfortable to be treated.