You will need
    • The dough with the egg:
    • flour (500 g);
    • water (200 ml);
    • egg (1 piece);
    • salt on the tip of a knife.
Measure the desired amount of flour in a separate bowl. Then you sift it, pouring in a strainer with a pre-prepared container. Wheat flour for the dough, try not to take the highest grade. Is best suited the second grade or the first, but coarse.
Prepare the table, get extra items. Put Pyrozhkov Board, if you have it, but you can prepare the dough right on the table.
Take a sieve. Pour into prepared serving of flour and sift over the table. Do not lift the sieve high so as not to dust on the surrounding objects. Collect the spilled flour into a mound, make a fist in the center of the recess.
Crack the egg into the center slides, pour water, add salt and begin to knead. More precisely grind the flour with your fingers with the liquid. The dough was very steep and breaks into crumbs. Your task is to compress these babies in a single mass. This is a very difficult job. For kneading stiff dough suitable male power. Of course, you can use the bread machine, but any dough loves human hands.
Achieve full homogeneity test. Unroll it and crushes. Do it with both hands. Fold flattened dough in a few times and press down on it with his fists with all his weight to stretch your again the plank to the thickness of a couple of inches. Then again, gather the dough together and continue to knead. The process will take at least 30 minutes. If you are tired early, leave the dough for five minutes to rest under a napkin, and then continue the process.