You will need
    • flour — 3 kg;
    • water — 1
    • 5 l;
    • sieve;
    • rolling pin;
    • plug;
    • oven.
Matzah is prepared from unleavened dough. For cooking does not need any food, except flour and water. Now sales can be found different matzah, including with addition of sugar and eggs. However, the traditional pellet must be without any additives. Pre-sift the flour and pour the hill. At the top make a hole.
Pour into the "crater" of cold water. This should be done gradually, in a thin stream. Knead the dough. Knead it to very quickly. Speed is important not only as a tribute to tradition. Fresh test has no elements that would preclude the formation of lumps. Delay will lead to the fact that in some places the ground will dry out, and make it homogeneous and elastic will not be easy.
Sprinkle with flour the surface where you will roll out tortillas. This can be done in different ways. Sometimes make one huge square cake the size of a dinner table, and then cut it with a knife into even squares or cut out round cakes the size of a saucer. You can divide the dough into several pieces and roll out from the pellet of the desired shape. In any case, they must be very thin, no thicker than a centimeter and a half. In biblical times the rich were specially bribed the bakers, to those made of thin matzo.
Prick tortillas with a fork in several places. Put them on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at a temperature not higher than 150°C. Bake matzah for long. From the moment the flour fell the first drops of water to completion of baking should take no longer than 18 minutes. So before you put the tortillas in the oven, it must be warmed to the appropriate temperature.
Matzah is not only as a separate dish. It can be an element of other dishes. Some dishes are prepared macavoy flour. To prepare it, you first need to bake the matzah, and then grind it into a powder in a mortar.