You will need
    • chicken 5 kg
    • or legs (wings
    • tibia) 5 kg
    • mayonnaise 200 g
    • mineral water (wine or vodka), about 500 ml
    • kefir 0.5 l
    • LCT onions and garlic (nuts)
    • lemon (2 PCs)
    • vinegar (100 ml)
    • spices and salt to taste.
    • Container for soaking.
Remember that the skewers mineral water should marinate no more than two hours, otherwise a possible foodborne illness. Cut meat into cubes, season with salt and add the spices for kebab, you can cut it into onion rings. Mix the chicken with the spices, pour water and put in a couple of hours under the press.
Take a couple of lemons, squeeze out the juice, pour over chicken and stir. Then add the spices and salt. All again to mix. After adding mayonnaise and onions. Leave in a cool place overnight.
Make a marinade with the vinegar, diluted vodka, meat to be very tender. Add the spices for barbecue and greens, onions and garlic. Marinate two hours (can be overnight in a cool place).
Take a liter of yogurt, cut the chicken into pieces. Salt and add spices to taste. Mix well and pour kefir. Marinate a few hours.
Try more complicated recipes: prepare the following products at the rate of five kg of meat to take two kg of onions,3 heads of garlic, six raw eggs, one pack of black pepper, a little red pepper, and any spices for the chicken and mayonnaise. All mix thoroughly, put in a cool place for at least two hours. When baking formed crisp, the meat is very tasty and unusual.
Take dry red wine, chopped chicken salt and add the spices, mix well and pour red wine. Under pressure marinate at least two hours in a cool place.
Prepare a mixture of garlic (pre-wipe, onions and nuts (crushed peanuts or hazelnuts)and vegetable oils. Cut the chicken and RUB each piece with the mixture, allow to infuse for an hour and add salt and spices. A bit of fry and insist on coals.