How to fry chicken kebab

In order to prepare the grilled chicken as well, and any other meat, you must first build a fire. For a campfire most suitable birch logs, but some of them recommend the wood from fruit trees. The main thing that the fire for the barbecue is not divorced from coniferous trees, as the skewers will taste bitter because of gum. Kindle fire convenient birch bark. Preparing a dish on the coals, and therefore need to wait until the fire burned. If you use store-bought charcoal, then you need to wait until they are a little "gray". The barbecue will be ruined if ready to ignite the coals with kerosene or gasoline.

To cut the meat and prepare the marinade in advance, so as in some cases it takes a lot of time. Pickled any way attracted to the meat onto the skewers and piled up on the grill. Every 3 minutes skewers need to turn. In order to understand whether he is ready, you need to pierce with a knife, fork or other sharp object a piece of meat. If the juice is red, the skewers need to finish roasting, but if the juice is white, it can be remove from fire.

Marinating chicken kebab

The most common, probably because of its simplicity, recipe marinade chicken in the mayonnaise. In the evening you need a chicken cut into serving pieces, RUB well with salt, pepper and grease with mayonnaise. A bowl to marinate only use enamel, glass or ceramic, as otherwise instead of pleasure you can get health problems. Marinated pieces fit together in a dish, covered with lid and left in the fridge overnight.

If you want to try a new marinade for skewers, you can take the risk to use for this beer. They stirred, filled with onion rings, salted and peppered the chicken pieces. Aged meat in this marinade in the fridge for 10 hours. On the side, we served potatoes and fresh greens.

Simple and fast marinade for grilled chicken can be prepared from wine vinegar and vegetable oil mixed in equal proportions. Chicken fillet in this marinade is aged only half an hour. Strung on skewers pieces of chicken, alternating with cherry tomatoes and slices of bell pepper.

You can try to cook the chicken in a marinade of yogurt. Prepared for this the chicken pieces are, as always, salt and pepper, they added onions, cut into rings and finely grated garlic and poured yogurt. After 2 to 3 hours cooked in this marinade the pieces you can fry.

Chicken kebab served with sauce. The sauce you can choose any: mustard, cream, vegetable, garlic, lemon. It is possible to cook by yourself or simply buy in the store.