First and foremost, you need to apply to the antenatal clinic at the place of residence. The gynecologist should collect a necessary package of documents (an extract from of medical history, containing information about the patient's condition, results of studies, analyses, treatment, recommendations on the need of the IVF procedure), sign them at the head of women's consultation and to pass on to the Commission, which considers all such applications.
It is necessary to write the application in regional Ministry of health. The application should attach a passport copy, an extract from the medical history (with the obligatory conclusion of the attending physician about the necessity of the use of assisted reproductive technologies), a copy of the certificate of mandatory pension insurance of the patient, a copy of the policy of obligatory medical insurance. After submission it is considered by the Commission within 10 days. The Commission directs the patient to undergo the IVF procedure and issues the coupon for the provision of VMP (high-tech medical care).
If the fee is approved, all documents are sent to the Federal center for IVF at the place of residence of the patient. In the future, the hospital management decides about the admission date of the patient. In the IVF unit of a medical center must provide: a card to provide high-tech medical care, a statement from the medical history, test results, copy of passport, a conclusion signed by the chief of staff and freelance professionals for your region (this is done on the Commission, the onus is on the ECO). The decision is made in a period of 3 (if the patient is personally present) to 10 days (if mailed), as the patient will inform the doctor of female consultation. He will give direction to free infertility treatment.