In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a special ancillary procedure, the essence of which is that the fertilization and development of eggs occurs outside the body of the expectant mother. In the region of the uterus podsazhivayut already the germ which consists of only a few cells. All the rest of the fetal development occurs in the uterus, and is no different from natural conception.

What to look for when choosing a clinic?

The first thing to do is to gather information and to get a General idea about the institutions. Max answers to the questions can be found on the official websites of medical centers. Then you can enroll on the initial visit, which usually is free, and make up his mind.
Please note that the medical center had a valid license. The next thing you should pay attention to is the staff. The bare minimum: the doctor was a fertility specialist, embryologist, andrologist, anesthesiologist and nurse. Also make an assessment on the number of required spaces for the IVF procedure should be: the doctor's office for patient rooms, staff lounge, treatment room, embryological, private ward patient ward for a donor. A very important point is the quality of the service, the location of the center, the possibility of passing in the clinic, additional surveys, an examination of the spouse.
The first step is to consider possible medical centers in his hometown. If you have the desire and the opportunity to choose a health centre in another city.

IVF in Russia

In 2014 in Russia there are more than 200 medical centers, hospitals and clinics which work in the direction of in vitro fertilization. The cost of services in private medical centres for IVF varies from 100 to 500 thousand rubles This service you can get for free on the basis of the order Minzdrava Russia, according to the policy of the MLA.

Moscow and MO
Clinic of infertility treatment "For Birth", Moscow, Kochnovsky proezd 4/1, phone for recording (499)558-07-66. The clinic is equipped with modern scientific and technical base. Reception is carried out by highly qualified specialists of international class.

Clinic "MOTHER" Russia, Moscow, Raskovoy 34/2, phone for recording (495) 921-34-26. Clinic for over 15 years, in my work uses the most effective developments in embryology, gynecology, and obstetrics.

IVF Altravita, Moscow, Nagornaya 4A, tel. for recording (499) 127-39-36 or 8-800-555-81-22. The clinic operates under international standards and certified according to the international system.

Saint Petersburg
Russian-Finnish clinic "AVA-PETER" St.-Petersburg 22-24 Nevsky PR., tel. for recording 812-600-77-78. This is the largest clinic in Russia, which is involved in IVF and assisted reproductive technologies. The clinic uses modern methods of solving of female and male infertility. The medical staff is trained and practice in the clinics abroad. "Mother and child", St. Petersburg, Sredny PR-t IN 88, phone to record 812-676-30-60. This clinic is in other cities of Russia, Ufa, Irkutsk. In this medical center can pass all the stages in IVF, from the initial consultation and passing all tests before the birth of Rebekah.

Central Russia
The clinic "IVF Center", Smolensk, street of General Paskevich 19, phone: (4812) 30-31-41. The clinic provides IVF, surrogacy, infertility treatment etc.

Microclinic, Tula, street 1, phone (4872) 70-70-07. The center works according to European standards and provides a full range of services for IVF.

Centre ECO "Dad, Mom and Kid", Nizhny Novgorod, Gorky str. 195, phone: (831)4-161-661. To work in the clinic use modern equipment.

The Urals and Siberia
Clinic "Partus", Ekaterinburg, street M-the Siberian and 171, phone: (343) 350-25-90. The centre offers IVF with the use of modern reproductive technologies.

Med. center "Avicenna", Novosibirsk, Kommunisticheskaya str. 17, tel. (383) 363-30-03. This center receives patients from other cities.