You will need
  • - Word Password Recovery Wizard.
Download Word Password Recovery Wizard from the Internet. Please note that the program is shareware. Therefore, long-term use, you will have to purchase a license or look for a free counterpart. Also note what documents, what versions of MS Office can run the program. Install the application on your hard drive. It should be noted that the choice of such programs is quite broad. The principle is basically the same.
Run the program. Will bring up the main dialog. In order to start to delete passwords, you must specify the desired file. To do this, click on the icon "Open", located on the main toolbar or select the corresponding item from the main menu. Then in the workspace tab will appear. Automatically starts the process of guessing the password for this document due to already having the default profile. If a password is specified, it will appear in the corresponding tab the Status/Document Protection", if not, go to step 3.
Configure or select the appropriate search profile and remove the password. To do this, use the main menu "Tools/Profile manager..." or the icon "Profile managers", which is located on the main toolbar. In the dialog box "Attack profile manager" for the basic settings password. You can apply the default profile, use the profile designer, you can manually select the appropriate options for selection.
Select the menu item "Attack/Resume or press the Ctrl+Alt+R. this will Launch the process of password guessing. It may take some time. After the selection in the tab "Status/Document Protection" will be the password protection of the document. That's all. Open the document, go to "tools/unprotect...", enter the password and unlock the document.