Advice 1: How to get rid of hoarseness in the voice

Hoarseness may lead to a change in the tone of voice and frequency of its sound. It can occur due to the inhalation of dust, talking in a raised voice, singing. The reasons can be drinking beverages in the cold season. But mainly hoarseness occurs because of changes of the vocal cords during inflammation, polyps, and tumors. Hoarseness and sometimes almost invisible, and very strong, on the verge of a complete loss of voice. How to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon?
How to get rid of hoarseness in the voice
Sometimes the cause of hoarseness is the formation of nodules on vocal chords that lead to a change in the timbre of the voice. It is frequent in people who have a lot and talk loudly or sing. In most cases, hoarseness can be cured with conservative treatment under the supervision phoniatr. Only occasionally have to resort to surgery.
Hoarseness appeared on the background of allergies such as dust, treated with an antihistamine and decongestant medications. They may appoint a doctor.
Traditional medicine also offers treatments that can help reduce some of the symptoms of hoarseness. The best remedy against catarrh of the upper respiratory tract are the eggs raw. It is known that many singers before going on stage drink one raw egg, thereby making the vocal cords more flexible.
You can also gargle with the juice from the beets. To do this, grate it on a fine grater and squeeze the juice. Add the tablespoon of vinegar. Gargle with this solution 5-6 times a day.
There is a more efficient way. Take half a Cup of anise seeds and pour a Cup of boiling water. After that boil the mixture for 15 minutes. Then strain the decoction, add honey and pour one tablespoon of brandy. This whole mixture again boil for 10 minutes. Take one tablespoon every half hour.
In the Caucasus, for hoarseness and sore throat use a decoction of quince seeds. Also in the fight with hoarseness you can help radish juice. It makes sputum less viscous, relieves cough and hoarseness of the throat. To consume the juice must be one tablespoon three times a day.
Since the middle ages preserved information about that when the hoarseness is very good oil from the flowers of wild rose and clove oil. First ingested in its pure form, the second is before the reception should be diluted with water.

Advice 2: How to get rid of scars

Scars for centuries the decoration of men. Today, however, it is a moot point. And similar “decorations”, or rather the desire to get rid of them today are concerned both men and women.
How to get rid of scars

Scars or scars can have different origins, however, only competent and timely treatment allows to hope that to get rid of the scars.

To the question about how to quickly get rid of existing scars did not arise in principle, it is necessary to give the issue of proper healing of the scar should be almost immediately after the skin has been damaged. It should be remembered that the antiseptic treatment of damage should be carried out carefully, without damaging the formed crust. In this case we can speak about the minimal risk of scarring.

Deep skin damage is always accompanied by scar formation. To completely get rid of last is impossible, but you can take steps to make it as invisible.

To get rid of scars it is virtually impossible. Most often you will want to contact the experts that, depending on the type of scar, choose certain methods and drugs.

Hypertrophic scars are subjected to different kinds of correction. For example, use a compression action by using the silicone plates and gels. In order to smooth the scars of this category, introduced the medicines with injections or ultrasound. Quite popular methods are grinding and peeling, in all its diversity. Not uncommon the use of cryotherapy and removal with vascular laser.

Treatment of atrophic scars fit depending on their size and limitation of the appearance. Small and fresh scars are treated with injections on the basis of specialized hyaluronic acid gel. However, this method for maximum effectiveness to not count, to repeat injection is necessary after six months. Often enough is also used peels and resurfacing.

The most modern way of dealing with scars experts call a laser, in which the stimulation in the tissues of the rumen, which promotes the production of collagen fibers necessary.

The most difficult in the healing process are considered to be keloid scars that require not only the injection of special medications, but often surgery or laser therapy.



Advice 3: How to get rid of parasites in the body

Almost everyone has at least once suffered a parasitic disease. Unfortunately, most often these are children. Parasites can live in the intestine, kidney, liver, lungs, muscles and in the eyes of man. They cause irreparable damage to health.
Nuts - one of the oldest funds in Borje parasites
Select, how will you deal with parasites: medication or using natural remedies.
Pay attention to the pros and cons of medical technique. Pharmacies is a wide range of chemicals for pest control. Usually with these medications is fast and efficient. However, these drugs often cause allergic reactions. In addition, many of them do not expel the worms from the body, and kill them. As a result, the body formed decomposition products, which cause nausea, headache and cramps in the stomach.
If you decided to deal with pests by using chemical drugs, refer to specialists. Do not self-medicate. Remember, there are many different types of parasites. And for each type it is necessary to apply different medicinal products.
Please note that unlike chemical medicines, herbs act more gently. They do not violate the intestinal microflora. In addition, folk remedies allow you to not only kill adult parasites and their larvae.
Use one of the old folk methods of pest control. Grind one Cup of partitions of a walnut. Pour a glass of vodka. Allow the nuts to sit for days. Take on an empty stomach, gradually increasing the dose. So, the first day drink 5 drops, second day — 10 and day 20 drops. Next, take 20 drops in a month once in a day.
As the dead parasites decompose and poison the body with toxins, any of the methods of treatment to combine with enemas. Clean your body of parasites, and be healthy!
Parasites, dear readers, many not only around us but also inside the human body. To get rid of them available by popular means. There is a fairly simple and cheap way of removing almost all types of "internal" parasites: 10 parts of flax seed and 1 part clove need to grind through a coffee grinder and make teaspoons.
Useful advice
Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of parasites folk remedies: 1) 10 cloves of garlic, taken with melted milk, expelled all kinds of worms. 2 hours after ingestion of garlic need to drink a laxative. At worms it is recommended to eat in the morning on an empty stomach a few leaves of sorrel. How to get rid of parasites using the "triad" Khel'di Clark: Helen Clark proposed to use three types of plants that kill most parasites, viruses and bacteria.
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