First, for healthy hair growth you need to eat a balanced. If you're on a diet or eat enough vegetables and fruits, you need to take a combination of vitamins and minerals.
The second very important moment is the choice of means on care of hair. Besides hygiene you will need the means for food and strengthening of hair. Stop your choice on soft shampoos (pH 4.5) with keratin and panthenol (provitamin B5). Remember that shampoo is supposed to strengthen and protect the hair and stimulate their growth better by using masks. If the shampoo is harsh for your hair, dilute it with water. After shampooing, always use balms and masks.
Try as much as possible to hurt the hair, because they are not capable of regeneration. Never brush wet hair, you better wait until they dry out (without the aid of a Hairdryer) and comb them first with a wide-toothed comb, then with frequent. Do not use metal and other traumatic hair and scalp, comb.
If you are styling your hair with a hair dryer or other high temperature devices, always use the special protective means. They usually contain keratin and silicone oil that protects the hair from negative factors.
Don't forget about regular haircuts. If you are going to get a haircut hot scissors, the procedure can be carried out not more often than once in six months. Hot scissors "zapravlyayut" tip of the hair, preventing thus its cross section.
Regular haircuts with scissors approximately every three months. Warn the hairdresser that grow hair and need to cut the ends (provided that hair is not in a running state).
Very useful head massage. It helps to get rid of dead hair and stimulates blood circulation, which is essential to growth.