You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the website through which you plan to sell;
  • services, payment aggregator.
If you plan on selling goods or services through the Internet using your own website, you can be a useful service, the so-called billing aggregators. So-called different systems of reception of payments via the Internet. Typically, aggregators offer a choice of multiple payment methods and these include SMS. And if you are interested in this option, to limit the range of their preferences will have those who worked with him. However, the most famous and popular aggregators that work with SMS to numbers belonging to operators "the big three": MTS, Beeline and MegaFon.
When you will select a few of the aggregators that work with payment by SMS, carefully review and compare their terms. The value is a percentage charged by them for their services, the order and timing of the withdrawal on your account (someone that maybe once a month or above a certain amount, others list on the first request), the requirements for sites parties etc. Their partners aggregators like to call online shopping. Let it does not scare you. The word they use in the broad sense, referring to any website that serves its owner a sales tool and allows to make online payment.
By staying on a particular aggregator, sign up on his website. Employees of the chosen company will study your online resource and will inform about the decision. In most cases it is positive, as the requirements to the participants are minimal. Typically, the site should contain the company name, information about products or services and your contact information (in practice it may be sufficient e-mail addresses). After approval of your website you should put a link to it in the form of receiving payments. If you plan to accept payment only via SMS, specify on the resource numbers and information that the user needs to send the message.
Enclose with the aggregator agreement. Usually this requires a download from its website a model form, print two copies, pre-inscribed in the right places in your data, sign, stamp if present (typically, aggregators are pulling money on settlement accounts of individual entrepreneurs, and those who do not have this status are calculated through the electronic payment system) and send to the specified address on the website.
To the aggregator from the first money you most likely will after he receives your signed contract, but before the mail will deliver to you signed with his hand your copy.