You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • package of unlimited services.
Take the opportunity to get paid for viewing e-mail, if your phone supports this feature. Some companies will pay you for viewing ads, which came via e-mail. But if you send messages to your friends, you'll pay extra for that. There are companies willing to pay for viewing ads coming to your phone. That is, when you receive a message or a call, you are viewing promotional image and get money for it. It is only necessary to connect such services to the company.
If you have an iPhone, sell unwanted items via the app Craigslist. With this app, you can photograph the subject of the sale and put the photo on the website. Offer their services to those wishing to sell items via Internet sites.
Use to earn money with mobile phone camera. Tourists take photos, send photos via e-mail. The price for a photo, assign a small. Keep your phone always at hand. So you can quickly make a photo or video from the scene that are willing to pay for some television programs. Also use the phone to help people or businesses to find the necessary object. Just send an image of the object on the phone the person or company. You will save employee time, making it possible to evaluate the object on the photo.
Arrange an impromptu negotiation point, for example, in a student dormitory. Buy cheap cell phone and service package of unlimited communication. Assign the price for a long distance call, lower than those of the mobile operators. Clients will not be forced to wait.